November 4, 2011  |  Do You Know Your MoMA?
Do You Know Your MoMA? 11/4/11

How well do you know your MoMA? If you think you can identify the artist and title of each of these works—all currently on view in the Painting and Sculpture and Architecture and Design galleries—please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post. We’ll provide the answers next month (on Friday, December 2).

Several of you had the correct answers last month, but congratulations are due to Heather Nodler for being fastest on the draw. Do you have what it takes to claim this month’s title?

1. Alberto Giacometti. Tall Figure, III. 1960

2. Gino Severini. Dynamic Hieroglyphic of the Bal Tabarin. 1912

3. Odilon Redon. Butterflies. c. 1910

4. Giorgio de Chirico. Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure). 1914

5. Paul Delvaux. Phases of the Moon. 1939

6. Joan Miró. The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers (from the Constellation series). 1941


1: Wednesday by On Kawara 2: chairs by Konstantin Grcic, 3: teapot by Marianne Brandt, 4: print with title Release by Richard Hamilton, 5th Picasso’s painting ”Girl into interior”, 6 still life and three dogs by Gauguin

1: Wednesday,Dec,12 by ON KAWARA; 2: Myto chairs by KONSTANTIN GRCIC; 3: Swingeing London 67 by RICHARD HAMILTON; 4: Teapot by MARIANNE BRANDT; 5: Interior with a Girl Dancing by PICASSO; 6: Still Life with Three Puppies by GAUGUIN

1) On Kawara: Wednesday, Dec.12, 1979
2) Konstantin Grcic: Myto Chair 2007,
3) Richard Hamilton: Swingeing London 1968-69
4) Marianne Brandt: Teapot 1924
5) Pablo Picasso: Interior with girl drawing, 1935
6) Paul Gauguin: Still Life with Three Puppies, 1888 (91,8×62,6cm)

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