July 29, 2011  |  I Went to MoMA and
“I Went to MoMA and…”: So…Much…Art…

Many people respond to our “I went to MoMA and…” prompt with words, whether they’re deep thoughts about the meaning of life or stories about time spent with family. But it’s only fitting that at an art museum, visitors would also react with images!

Some people process the world visually, translating their everyday experiences into pictures and paintings. Others may simply come to MoMA and feel inspired by the artworks around them. Whatever the impetus, we’ve received tons of great drawings—from funny cartoons to expressive abstractions, and even a minimalist composition or two. Visitors of all ages have shown us that one way to respond to art is with more of the same.

We hope for some of you these drawings are just the beginning!


Why hve you raised prices to outside teh abiulity of the struggling middle class to pay, just beaue you overbuilt and brought in terrible contemptorary art which is not Modern at all, its very opposite and true enemies? Send it to PS 1, you have ruined the musuem with academic trash and professional medicority, meaningless and without purpose, it aint creative art,

Save the colorful, musical, and spiritual Watts Towers, tear down the drab, game filled and souless Ivories

i love it

How does the Museum of Modern Art know about significant artists who do not live in New York City?

How do original modern an postmodern artists introduce the Museum of Modern Art curators to their work? Is it accurate to say that since MOMA is not showing these artists, perhaps it is not presenting the most significant art of this time?

Donald Frazell is a wannabe artist/art critic who has never had a solicited exhibition. He is a button pusher at a local copy shop and thats about the best he can do with his extensive education in “world history and the arts. He is not being considered by the Vatican or any other establishment for exhibition. He is also known for physically attacking gallery owners when they don’t give him a show. This is a fact. Beware of this man (if you can call him that).

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