May 20, 2011  |  Film, Videos
Gabriel Byrne on The Quiet Man and Ireland on Film

Renowned Irish actor Gabriel Byrne joined us to discuss Revisiting The Quiet Man: Ireland on Film, an exhibition he curated with the Irish Film Institute and MoMA. Using John Ford’s iconic 1952 film The Quiet Man as a point of departure, the exhibition examines cinematic depictions of the Irish—in both American and Irish films—from 1910 to the present day. In these video interviews, Byrne, who participates in a post-screening discussion of The Quiet Man tonight, May 20, at 7:00 p.m., talks about global perceptions of the Irish, filmic representations of Ireland’s tumultuous history, and the controversial legacy of The Quiet Man.


An interesting point of view.
This film is one of my Wayne’s favourites!
Thanks for this post.
Best regards from Burgundy, France

sounds like a worthy endeavor and an interesting exhibition. I’m sure the screening last evening and the discussion that followed was equally engrossing.

A magical evening–I happened to be in Manhattan on business and stumbled upon this exceptional program by accident when I saw it modestly promoted on the digital sign as I stood waiting to buy an admission ticket for the day.

To see a classic on big screen is rare–especially in the midwest from where I hail. The effortless, full-hearted laughter throughout was reminiscent of a scene from Sullivan’s Travels in which Depression era prisoners lose the burden of their plight watching a reel of Steamboat Willie. This is one of cinema’s greatest gifts–to escape from the difficult journey, to rekindle the basic hope of dreams and love.

What a joy to see Maureen O’Hara, still a beauty, and to see Jean Kennedy Smith and other people of prominence take part in this lovely, unpretentious tribute.

And then, Gabrielle Byrne. As I have come to appreciate from previous interviews, Byrne’s comments after the presentation were thoughtful, poetic, and a bare revelation of what’s in his heart.

I thank you all for a great memory and and a night that again resurrected my muse.

Artist–Cincinnati, Ohio

The event made me more aware of my heritage as an Irishman–that I am free to claim it. Go raibh maith agat Gabriel J. Byrne.

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