April 6, 2011  |  I Went to MoMA and
“I went to MoMA and…” (A Collaboration)

The "I went to MoMA and..." project in action in the MoMA lobby

“It is the spectators who make the pictures.”—Marcel Duchamp

What would our museum be with no visitors? Well…not much of a museum. MoMA isn’t just galleries filled with art, after all. It’s also the experience of art, the diverse and intensely personal experiences people have when they visit. More than three million people from over 100 countries passed through MoMA’s doors last year—and no two of them had the same day here!

Recently, we started asking ourselves: How could we get our visitors talking to us about those individual experiences? Could we come up with a fun, creative way to enrich the ongoing, two-way conversation between the Museum and the people who are so integral to it? The result is a project we dubbed “I went to MoMA and….”

We decided to ask visitors to “share a story” with us about their day at MoMA, imagining an open-ended guestbook rather than a survey; if the responses were interesting, we’d in turn share them with the larger MoMA community. On a few days in February, we tried out our idea. We placed specially printed notecards, pencils, and drop boxes all around the Museum. Signs asked visitors to share their stories: “Leave us a message, a drawing, a poem, an idea. We’re interested in your day here—what you saw, felt, and thought.” Visitors could drop the cards into the box or have them taped up on a wall in the lobby. As the wall became more thickly festooned with thoughts, comments, sketches, and jokes, people gathered around to read them, and in many cases were inspired to add their own voices to the collage. (Many seemed tickled to be invited to tape up their creations, even temporarily, on MoMA’s lobby wall.)

Afterward, sorting for days through large boxes stuffed with thousands of notecards, we laughed uproariously, exclaimed “Wow!” over and over, winced at a few sharply worded suggestions, made a complete mess of the Graphics offices…and realized that we had to keep doing this. In creativity, passion, and variety, our visitors’ responses went far beyond our expectations, and we had more amazing material to choose from than we’d ever imagined. See just a few for yourself in the slideshow below:

You can see and share hundreds more at We’re sharing them ourselves through MoMA advertisements in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and bus shelters—keep an eye out for them! And in coming weeks, we’ll keep highlighting cards we really love here on Inside/Out.

Want to leave your mark at MoMA? Find us in the lobby this coming Thursday, April 7, from 3:00 to 8:45 p.m. during MoMA Nights, and share your MoMA story with us!


if somebody visits MOMA ,and if there is a special collection of paintings as that of January of 1993 of Matisse,then he feels really lucky.I was happy to see all his paintings and then aw i saw everything it was exibited there.Inside the MOMA and outside in the garden with the huge sculptures and after all in the store of MOMA.
A very very powerful experience

I think is an excellent idea! Also i think moma have to use ipad tablets and no paper… Papers comes from the trees!!! And also if they used ipads they can put this notes in a twitter @ sharemoma user

I went to the MOMA and the line was so long I left.

I went to MOMA The Modern for my first wedding anniversary and was so happy that we chose this resturant to celebrate our first year together. The food was fantastic and we had a wonderful evenning.

Increible! Pude ver una muestra de tim burton en donde alucine con todos sus personajes al verlos en vivo y directo!

I sometimes go to Moma at lunchtime to decompress from the corporate culture by sitting in the Rothko room of the Abstract Expressionist exhibit.

I went to MOMA for the art of it

I went to MoMA and stayed there….

I went to MoMA and left a WiNNER

I went to MOMA and bought a colorful umbrella!

I went to MOMA @ LA and wondered what had happened to Blu’s mural…

Elle, the removal of Blu’s mural was at LA MOCA, not MoMA.

this project is kind of like Yelp, no?

i went to moma and saw a snowglobe that said “f**k”

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