Rising Currents
March 16, 2010  |  Rising Currents
Rising Currents: Installation Underway!

We started the installation of the teams’ wall materials and models in the gallery yesterday, with ARO’s team beginning the assembly of their model. We liked the correlation of the unpacking of “Lower Manhattan” from the Manhattan Mini-Storage boxes! Each of the five teams are coming to do on-site installations this week. We’re looking forward to the public opening of the Rising Currents exhibition on March 24.


I believe that this person is truley creative. His models are very incredible. And this has been the second best exibit ever.


The studies are important. The diorama helps teach kids about this. Hope you find a way to stop it

Very interesting but i wont be around to see it. Good luck.

it`very terrible , i love this , very gooooood ,
GOOO MoMA !!!!!!!!

They must have used a lot of styrofoam in this peice of artwork. Styrofoam, when is cracked, releases gases that are bad for the ozone layer. I doubt the person who made this never broke a peice of strofoam making this so it must have hurt the enviroment in some way. I like it but it is not so good for the enviroment.

this is an exotic art… i LOVE IT !!!!!!!


first time here at MOMA. Love these ideas, very creative. Scary to think we will not be here;However, our grandchildren will. Peace

We loved this place!!! unbelivable! We are going back to Argentina having seen the best museum ever! Greets

i really love this artwork. It is very creative. Love!

i believe this exibition in this part of the water exibit is wonderfull well planned and is very easy on the eyes . a remarkable interpretation of New York City ..
i absoluetly love it

The ideas that these people created are so creative. Its amazing!

This place is just super. Having a really great time, although not as good as the objects of some of the artwork…….

i think this exhibit is so cute! i like the styrofoam buildings! i love love love them!!!!!! ahhhhhh! screamin for joy!

puzzate tutti!

hi, this is so interesting! I love the MOMA. bye bye

Yo ni soy de aqui… pero que gacho

there is no glowbull warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome!! This is a really cool website! :):)

it is very interesting but i wont be here to see it . its suppose 2 come out 2080

this is rad. l*ol

so COOL!!! love the idea it can help the people and animals stay safe in a safe place too anyway i love the idea + i love the moma and trust all the cool ideas! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

very cool, important information we all need to know presented in an exciting, engaging format

its so much fun here

Come to New Orleans please. Nevermind 2100, we need this in 2010.

I love screaming in the museum.
All the exhibitions are very interesting!!!

im scared

this is the best art work i have ever seen i luv the crystal like texture and the good formallitty of the city came with the salvation army vbs i like jellybeans nick name jellybeans

J’ai10 ans et je trouve que ce musee est super.

seems like this scenario would be very scary for the next generation. i like the styrofoam city. styrofoam buildings are very floatable.

Good Idea. Please make it work.

very intresting

Super!!!! Good to know about it

good to know about it. SUPER!!

So COOL!!!
Love that!
Aucun regret, musee tres captivant, je valide !!!

nice place

i found the media exhibit 2 b very inapropriate for young kids like mine.

very nice place… go at MoMA

woahhh is amazing very creative

So coolllllll!!!!!

WoW!!! It’s A M A Z I N G here!!!!!!!!!!!! *^o^*

A M A Z I N G here!!!! Come to Moma

realy amazing! love moma! ;O)

Amazing art work and some inspirational pieces, however, my feet are now killing me.

….it’s very very beautiful…i am from italy and new york is the best city of the world….!!!!!

It was awesome! Hope you could make more of this!

great collection of art, but the air contitioning is freezing

I think this is a very good idea because I don’t know how to swim. only how to bboy xD

The Rising Currents exhibition makes me take pause.
Unfortunately I won’t be around in 2080 to see if any of these great ideas work. I would hope that they would be put into effect somewhat, sooner than later! I am definitely encouraging others to see this imaginative and practical exhibition!

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