Rising Currents
February 23, 2010  |  Design, Rising Currents
Rising Currents: The Hudson

Hudson River, 2006. Courtesy Architecture Research Office

As we get ready to begin the installation of the MoMA exhibition next week, I wanted to take a step back and offer a visual reflection on a central figure in this exhibition. Our thanks to Architecture Research Office for poetically capturing the essence of Rising Currents. Click on the image to view the video clip.


Good day.Beautiful images and intereting blog.I have been introduced to MOma by a media professional aftter we had given him a proposal on how we could best manage audio material that the Botswana National Museum has been collecting since 1984.The Museum hosts a radio program that deals with Botswana heritage but has no systematic archiving.In anycase he refefered to Moma media management solutions and i Thought its a wonderful system that the Museum here could venture into.Browsing through, your museum is virtually all online.Is it possible to form a collaboration or sort of bench marking exercise? All media files are in disarray and we think your solution is the best.We also have a blog at where we wanted to postcast topics aired but lack expertise.


Botswana National Museum

This project and related exhibition deal with an important and timely topic, which has been studied by several firms. It would be great to see a larger more inclusive exhibition that shows a spectrum of ideas, such as:

very gooooooood

how relaxinggggggggg

why not post it on the Facebook & create a worldwide awarness

This was an incredible look at how we as humans will deal with the question of climate change. I’m glad we have forward thinking architects amongst us as it might be impossible to curb the damage that is currently being done to our environment. Without groups of people as displayed in this exhibit we would have no way of adapting to rising water levels. Bravo, and a pat on the back for everybody!

I got the Moma link from an article in a Union paper that was written about rising water levels. It is good to see that more people are trying to inform the public about conditions that are developing worldwide and what is being done to slow or reverse these conditions since the government informs us but seems to restrict how much and what is said to the general public.

awesome exhibit.

c magnifike

As an urban fisherman I feel we need to start by protecting what we have now. The true N.Y. shoreline, it’s extent and potential has not been understood by New Yorkers since Henry Hudson sailed in. Wonderful plans, would a capitalist system allow it?

When i saw the water it made me feel relaxed and i watched it over and over again and i almost fell asleep!!!!!! -_-

i want to have business with you guys..;)

I am researching the future of urban morphology and fabric for a climatologist and I found this all very interesting.


I am visiting the MoMA with my mom who is a pro.artist and who has her work in lots of exhebitions and has recently put her work in a galerie in Bratislava.My mom and I agree that this is the best museum ever!!!

C’est vraiment magnifique le MOMA nous permet d’explorer un monde d’art et de magie photographique du 20eme siecle et la salle ou est exposer des dessin d’enfants de 8 ans, MAGNIFIQUE

very nice! like it!!!

So much fun to be underwater! Like a swimmer in course… Genius!

very very good!!

A new city in a city that reinvente itself each moment. It seem to be something organic that is growing to. As I’ve seen in other comment I’d like to work with you too.
Ansiosa de ver los resultados.

Oyster tecture is brilliant…I would love to see more exhibits like this in the future!

Es ist wirklich sehr erstaunlich wie die Kuenstler alles in so kurzer und langer Zeit gemalt bekommen haben.
Liebe gruesseausdeutschland

beatiful!! (:

LTL and ARO are the bomb! awesome exhibit!

Beautiful city, with beautiful art- everywhere! Absolutely brilliant and innovative!

ot os preaty intresting were i can find more of this project

Solo puedo decir que esto es asombroso, realmente asombroso!!

i really liked the exhibition, New York is awesome, i’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it. The whole museum is awesome,but such a pity, i don’t like Picasso, even through i am spanish

i love NY!follow me to boston!

it was a good exhibition i think people will like it!

Very nice exhibition.

It was a very nice exhibition, I enjoyed it thoroughly and it had very good….. architecture.

this museum is very nice, or orrible. i don’t know becouse im an artist!

New York, I love you.

Interesting presentation that shows the immense power of nature and its effect on our city!

Amazing , very nice exhibitiom!

i love MOMA

a really good presentation and a great construction of all the artists works!!!

moma rocks

isto e uma seca…nunca mais!

I love new york

cool art muesaum the 9 stands tht im nine my sissy meg is 12 shes really good at art i thick when shes older her art will be famous in this muesamum good luck to meggie ps i luv NYC

Its a really nice project, but why not attack the real problem? Global warming can be stopped.

I love MOMA. New york is so magic kiss

I love New York but France is better !

Moma is fun ..

Hermoso interesante!!………………….Espectacular NEW YORK!

i love to go fishing in hudson river !!!!

MoMa rocks! I love New York but Singapore is better. Come to Singapore!

the moma is fantastic!!!!!!!

Que grande esta exposicion! impresionante felicitaciones sigan asi!


Truly interesting! Amazing way of presenting such a huge project! You take care of the environment, improve the sea front and let everyone enjoy amazing modern design. It would be great if it could come true!


tHiS Is AmAzInG

the moma is a fantastic place where there are a lot f interesting thing….I love andy warhol and his pictures!!!

I visited the moma for the 3th time. It’a great, this museum and next time when I visit New York again, I shall go to the moma again.
Jos Verspaget


Bellissimo il Moma,stupenda la parte relativa alle pitture..Bellissima la “Notte stellata” di Van Gogh *.*

Il Moma e stato un museo meraviglioso con tantissimi quadri interessanti! Xk in italia non c’e niente e qua c’e tutto???

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