December 4, 2009  |  Collection & Exhibitions, Film, Tech
The Tim Burton Website: As Beetlejuice said, “Nice [bleeping] model!”

A couple weeks back we previewed the Tim Burton exhibition site. Now that you’ve seen the initial directions that Big Spaceship proposed for the site, let’s see how they created the final product.

Process sketch from Big Spaceship

Process sketch from Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship explains, “From the onset, our aim was to create something that would live up to such an esteemed artist and serve as a proper home for his work. When MoMA chose the “hand-built” approach, we were excited—this was our preferred direction too. It was also by far the most challenging, technically speaking. We built the staircases with foam board and covered them with Spackle, afterwards conducting a variety of stop-motion tests, alternating between a handheld camera and a dolly. We ended up keeping the camera stationary and meticulously moving the props around it.”

Building the mockup at Big Spaceship on a ping pong table

Building the mock-up at Big Spaceship on a ping pong table

“The look and feel, from the stairs to the frame-by-frame animation to the hand-drawn font, resulted in an organic tone that spoke to Burton’s aesthetic and served as a gateway to his art.”

Building the models

Building the models

“Burton’s work is the centerpiece of the site. In order to provide a sense of flow through the rich collection, we offered different ways to experience it. A timeline separates his career into three chronological phases: Surviving Burbank, Beautifying Burbank, and Beyond Burbank. Filters allow you to view the art by medium (e.g. paintings, Polaroids) or watch exclusive interview clips by theme (e.g. childhood, colors).”

Experimenting with lighting the model

Experimenting with lighting the model

“The entire process was truly gratifying and only increased our admiration for Tim Burton. We’re glad to have played a role in sharing much of his previously hidden work with the rest of the world.”

Thanks again to Big Spaceship for helping the site become a reality. We also want to thank the crew from The People’s DP for their help filming the interview with Tim Burton, and David Shuff for his nimble video editing with the interview.


that is so cool !

I love this design. I made something like this in art class!

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