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Starr Figura, German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse, New York, The Museum of Modern Art, 2011

Gallery established in 1909 by Heinrich Thannhauser at the Arco-Palais, Munich; dedicated to modern and Expressionist art. Cooperated with major gallerists in Berlin and Paris, hosting several milestone exhibitions of European avant-garde art. Also played significant role as supporter of the Blaue Reiter movement, including serving as venue for first exhibition organized by the editors of the Blaue Reiter almanac in 1911/12. Artists exhibited in solo or group shows include Max Beckmann, Lovis Corinth, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Käthe Kollwitz, Alfred Kubin, Max Liebermann, August Macke, Franz Marc, Edvard Munch, Max Oppenheimer, and Max Pechstein. Issued exhibition catalogues with texts by renowned art historians and critics such as Wilhelm Hausenstein and Julius Meier-Graefe, some with original prints; also published exhibition posters designed by Kandinsky and Oppenheimer. Added print business in 1919, and sold but never published any prints. Justin Thannhauser, Heinrich's son, an art historian trained in Paris art circles and involved in the gallery from 1912, took over as director in 1921. Opened successful gallery branch in Berlin in 1927 (active until 1936), closing the Munich space a year later, partially due to rising anti-Semitism. Heinrich Thannhauser died in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 1935. Justin moved the gallery to Paris around 1936, then fled to New York in 1940.

Selected Bibliography

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Iris Schmeisser

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  • Add to My Collection Not on view Max Oppenheimer (MOPP). Moderne Galerie Theatiner-Maffeistr. Max Oppenheimer (Exhibition Poster). 1911
    Max Oppenheimer (MOPP)
    Moderne Galerie Theatiner-Maffeistr. Max Oppenheimer...
    Max Oppenheimer (MOPP). Moderne Galerie Theatiner-Maffeistr. Max Oppenheimer (Exhibition Poster). 1911
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