Jasper Johns. Summer. 1985

Jasper Johns



Not on view
Encaustic on canvas
6' 3" x 50" (190.5 x 127 cm)
Gift of Philip Johnson
Object number
© 2015 Jasper Johns / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
Painting and Sculpture
This work is not on view.
Jasper Johns has 272 works online.
There are 2,101 paintings online.

At the time it appeared, the series of works known as The Seasons was Johns's most autobiographical to date. Its imagery combines fragmented references to the artist's past work and his life, including a tracing of his shadow. Johns has said, "In my early work I tried to hide my personality, my psychological state, my emotions, but eventually it seemed like a losing battle. Finally one must simply drop the reserve."

Gallery label from Focus: Jasper Johns, December 5, 2008–February 16, 2009

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