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Joseph Cornell. Object "Beehive". 1934

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Object "Beehive"

Joseph Cornell (American, 1903–1972)

Cylindrical, covered wood box painted red, containing on bottom a printed diagram, cut from a book, of Heaven, Hell, the stars and planets; seven pins protrude through bottom of box, six in a circle, one in center, each supporting a brass thimble; around each of six outer pins is a cutout cardboard circle in a different color; all covered by a circular piece of copper screen supported on brads driven through the side of the box and by a cardboard disk covered with a photo- engraving and pierced by seven octagonal holes
3 5/8 (9.2 cm) x 7 3/4" (19.7 cm) in diameter
Credit Line:
Gift of James Thrall Soby
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Collection work meeting criteria specified in Introduction.

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