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Vasily Kandinsky. Picture with an Archer. 1909

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Picture with an Archer

Vasily Kandinsky (French, born Russia. 1866–1944)

Oil on canvas
68 7/8 x 57 3/8" (175 x 144.6 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift and bequest of Louise Reinhardt Smith
MoMA Number:

Collection work meeting criteria specified in Introduction.

Sold through Galerie Der Sturm (Herwarth Walden), Berlin to Christian Tetzen-Lund (1852-1936), Copenhagen, December 17, 1918 [1]. Acquired by Efraim Lundmark, Stockholm, Sweden, [c. 1930]; sold to Svensk-Franka Konstgalleriet, Stockholm, Sweden, 1957 [2]; sold to Galerie Europe, Paris, 1958; sold to Jacques Lindon, New York, 1958 [3]; acquired by Louise Reinhardt Smith, New York, 1958; The Museum of Modern Art, New York (Gift and Bequest of Louise Reinhardt Smith), 1959.
[1] Roethel 270.
[2] Ibid.
[3] Ibid.

Bild mit Bogenschützen - Picture with an Archer – Tableau avec archer
[Bild mit Bogenschützen]

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