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Nikhil Garde (Danish, born 1972), Designskolen Kolding (Denmark, est. 1967), Instructors: Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen (Danish, born 1958), Barnabas Wetton (British, born 1962), and Michael Frederiksen (Danish, born 1966), Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S (Denmark, est. 1960)

Sea Shelter

Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S
Nylon and rubber
6'6 3/4" x 10'6" x 12'1 5/8" (200 x 320 x 370 cm)
Credit Line:
Alexander Schärer Purchase Fund
MoMA Number:
© 2015 Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen, Danish, Barnabas Wetton, and Michael Frederiksen
Audio Program excerpt

SAFE: Design Takes On Risk

, October 16, 2005–January 2, 2006

Curator, Paola Antonelli: This beautiful new type of safety raft is the work of a design student from Denmark. It's his graduation project, as a matter of fact. His name is Nikhil Garde, and he collaborated with the sea emergency and safety company, Viking.

The most crucial moment, the most difficult moment, in the use of a safety raft in stormy seas is when the person that is in the sea is trying to get on the raft itself. Very often the person in the sea is exhausted and does not make it on the raft.

The design of this particular raft takes into the account the need to properly balance one's weight when boarding. What happens is that the raft is fitted with handles at either side, and with a step that extends below the surface of the water, and makes it easier for the person to climb onto the raft. One climbs by putting one's leg and one's foot onto the step, and then balancing the other leg out of the water. A counter-weight in the shelter makes it possible for the Viking raft to remain perfectly balanced and not capsize under the weight.

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