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Chris Burden. Coyote Stories. 2005

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Chris Burden (American,1946-2015)

The Portfolio

Coyote Stories

Portfolio of ten etchings, five with aquatint, and 25 digital prints with chine collé
plate: (see child records); sheet (each): 14 15/16 x 12 3/8" (38 x 31.5 cm)
Edition Jacob Samuel, Santa Monica
Edition Jacob Samuel, Santa Monica
Edition 18
Credit Line:
Monroe Wheeler Fund
MoMA Number:
© 2015 Chris Burden
Audio Program excerpt


, February 19–May 14, 2012

Glenn Lowry: Even before their collaboration, publisher/printer Jacob Samuel had long admired the work of Chris Burden, an artist known for dramatic and physically demanding performance pieces.

Publisher/Printer, Jacob Samuel: He said, "I have an idea for a project. I've had many encounters, personal encounters with coyotes." He said he’d like to write up these encounters that he’d had with coyotes. Originally, I thought okay, he'll do some drawings of coyotes. And then he said, "Well, I don't want there to be any pictures of coyotes. I want the coyote to be in the imagination."

Chris made my studio his studio, and for a period of just about three months, he came to the studio at least twice a week and stayed for eight hours. We used just about every etching process, other than drypoint to do this project.

Glenn Lowry: The first coyote story involved a set of knives the artist had inherited from his mother.

Jacob Samuel: And a coyote stole them. He had one of the knives left, and so he traced the knife, and I etched it and he really liked the way that looked. It was a very good translation of his work into print. And very much in keeping of his working process and his interests.

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