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SAFE: Design Takes On Risk

, October 16, 2005–January 2, 2006

Curator, Paola Antonelli: Design can have a real impact on the world; it can save lives even. The HIV/AIDS pandemic that has spread all over the world is a crucial issue, and one that designers from every country have tried to tackle in different ways. Graphic designers, for instance, not only in Africa but also in the United States on the New York subways, have tried to use comics in order to educate people about ways to curb the pandemic: by using condoms, by spreading the word about safe sex, by being educated and aware of their actions.

This particular solution that we present here, by Dot Dot Dot Ex Why Zed, which is a company of designers based in Capetown, South Africa, is more direct. It's an approach to the problem of the resistance against the use of condoms all over Africa, and South Africa in particular. It tries to make using condoms easy by providing not only the condom inside its normal envelope, but also an applicator with it. The particular packaging also is very efficient because it enables one to unwrap and fit the condom within three seconds.

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