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White Gray Black

Mass production


Source: Oxford University Press

S. Giedion. Mechanization Takes Command (New York, 1948)

R. Banham. Theory and Design in the First Machine Age (London, 1972)

J. Heskett. Industrial Design (London, 1980, 2/1984)

E. Lucie-Smith. A History of Industrial Design (Oxford, 1983)

A. Forty. Objects of Desire: Design and Society, 1750–1980 (London, 1986)

J. Heskett. German Design, 1870–1918 (New York, 1986)

P. Sparke. An Introduction to Design and Culture in the Twentieth Century (London, 1986)

D. Miller. Material Culture and Mass Consumption (New York and Oxford, 1987)


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