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White Gray Black



Source: Oxford University Press

J. T. Smith. An Antiquarian Rumble in the Streets of London (London, 1846)

L. Weaver. English Leadwork: Its Art and History (London, 1909)

G. Jekyll. Garden Ornament (London, 1918/R Woodbridge, 1984)

R. Paulson. Emblem and Expression: Meaning in English Art of the Eighteenth Century (London, 1975)

W. W. Krysko. Blei in Geschichte und Kunst/Lead in History and Art (Stuttgart, 1979) [bilingual text]

S. Bayley. The Albert Memorial (London, 1981)

F. Haskell and N. Penny. Taste and the Antique: The Lure of Classical Sculpture, 1500–1900 (London, 1982)

R. F. Homer. ‘Tin, Lead, Pewter’, English Medieval Industries, ed. J. Blain and W. Ramsey (London, 1991), pp. 57–80


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