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Audrey L. Flack (born 1931 in New York) is an American artist. Her work pioneered the art genre of photorealism and her art is expressed through painting and sculpture. Audrey Flack has numerous prestigious degrees including both a graduate and an honorary doctorate degree from Cooper Union in New York City. Additionally she has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Yale University and attended New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts where she studied Art History. Audrey Flack is a highly celebrated artist, her work is displayed in several prestigious museums including The Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Audrey Flack’s photorealist paintings were the first photorealist paintings to be purchased for the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, and her legacy for photorealism lives on to influence many American and International artists today. Audrey Flack has lectured to many students on the subjects of art and art curating, and continues to hold influence over the art world as we know it today. J.B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky organized a prestigious retrospective of her work, and Flack’s pioneering efforts into the world of photorealism brought attention to the genre and assisted to popularize it to the extent that the genre remains today.
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