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White Gray Black

Robert Mangold (American, born 1937)

About this artist

Source: Oxford University Press

He first trained at the Cleveland Institute of Art from 1956 to 1959, and then at Yale University, New Haven, CT (BFA, 1961; MFA, 1963). In 1961 he married Sylvia Plimack, and they moved to New York. Robert Mangold’s early work consisted largely of monochromatic free-standing constructions displayed against the wall, such as Grey Window Wall (oil on plywood, 2.44×2.29 m, 1964; destr., see 1982 exh. cat., no. 1); their architectonic forms and grey tonal scale led to their association with Minimalism. The almost sculptural quality of this work was soon abandoned in favour of shaped and multipartite canvases such as Cool Grey Area with Curved Diagonals (1966; New York, Guggenheim). Mangold’s consistent use of flat colour and geometry in such works as Red X within X (1980; San Francisco, CA, MOMA) was modified by a consistent manipulation of the painting’s edge and by an illusionism that distinguished his work from the sober immediacy of Minimalism. The book Six Arcs (New York, 1978) was designed and illustrated by Mangold himself.

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