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White Gray Black

Sarah Morris (American, born 1967)

About this artist

Source: The Museum of Modern Art

Sarah Morris makes work that investigates the constructed environment and the various outside forces responsible for it. A British-born artist now based in New York and London, Morris is perhaps best known for the brightly colored, hard-edged geometric paintings she has produced since the mid-1990s. Many of her images, though resolutely abstract, vaguely recall architectural facades, often those of corporate skyscrapers or other inhabitants of the industrial landscape. This association with the urban environment is augmented by the titles she gives her works, which often cite corporations or institutions by name. Yet these works are not simply investigations of specific buildings or spaces; rather, for Morris, architecture serves as a "platform for a whole set of behaviors to happen." Existing structures, then, become blank surfaces against which she examines the activities that define urban experience, ranging from the codes of power structures to the interplay between corporate anonymity and individuality.

There are several Sarah Morris works in a variety of mediums in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. As she does with architecture, Morris also uses language as an abstract tool for investigating cultural contradictions and conceptions.


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