Music was at the forefront of interdisciplinary experimentation in the 1960s, when the mixing of media really took off, and musicians led the way in developing new working methods. This screening series, presented in conjunction with a series of early media and related drawings, prints, and photographs in the Media Gallery, examines the radical role of music in the early development of media art, and includes documentary and experimental films, and music videos.

Music with Roots in the Aether, Parts 1–7 Released in 1975, director Robert Ashley's large-scale documentation of the "post-serial"/"post-Cage" movement in 1960s American concert music features seven composers who gained international reputations for the originality of their work. For November's Looking at Music program, MoMA presents all seven parts of the series.

Organized by Barbara London, Associate Curator, and Hanne Mugaas, intern, Department of Media.