Filmmaking is an inherently collaborative artform that usually involves a team of artists and craftsmen. Though each member has a clearly delineated role, none works in a vacuum. Their shared efforts combine to produce the final film, and this reciprocity in the creative process often produces singular works. Film artists frequently choose to work with the same people on multiple films, and these partnerships and combinations of talent have often led to films made distinctive by these collaborations.

This ongoing exhibition mines MoMA’s collection to sample a wide range of film collaborations, both classic and contemporary, well-known and rarely noticed, and takes into account all roles in film production, including screenwriting, producing, editing, cinematography, and music composition.

This June, we highlight collaborations both on and off the set, where professional and personal relationships intertwine, in an examination of the romantic muse.

Organized by Jenny He, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film.