Concurrent with the exhibition Panoramas of the Moving Image: Mechanical Slides and Dissolving Views from Nineteenth-Century Magic Lantern Shows, the Department of Film presents monthly screenings of films and digital media works by Ernie Gehr, whose work has been collected by the Museum since the 1970s. Gehr is one of the most celebrated and internationally recognized experimental filmmakers of the richly influential generation that came of age in the 1960s. During that fertile period, in which visual artists in all mediums innovated new ways of seeing and challenged the established aesthetic, Gehr and his contemporaries exhibited together in galleries and film clubs. Subsequently, his work has been shown and collected internationally by cinematheques, museums, and other art institutions. Characterized by strong lines and a certain formal severity, Gehr's films and recent digital works for theatrical exhibition nevertheless create a sense of wonder with their unfailingly lush, sensual image quality and minute attention to contrast and framing.

Organized by Jytte Jensen, Curator, Department of Film.