This program of short films and videos by Lawrence Weiner (American, b. 1942) is held in conjunction with the exhibition Crafting Genre: Kathryn Bigelow. A key figure of Conceptual art, Weiner creates works that emphasize engagement with ideas over the execution of art objects and explore the relationship between artist and audience. Bigelow began collaborating with Weiner in the early 1970s, often appearing in or editing his moving-image works and contributing to their scripts. Some of the elements common to their collaborations—the use of audio to dissect images, experimentation with the inherent properties of film and video, and an engagement with the active viewer—are further explored by Bigelow in her film works Psychological Operations in Support of Unconventional Warfare (1975) and Set-Up (1978), which are on view as part of her retrospective.

Organized by Jenny He, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film.

The exhibition is made possible by BNP Paribas.