A Woman Under the Influence. 1974. USA. Written and directed by John Cassavetes

To inaugurate its seventh annual To Save and Project film-preservation festival, the Department of Film presents a special weeklong run of John Cassavetes’s masterpiece A Woman Under the Influence. Gena Rowlands, who introduces the opening-night screening on October 24, gives one of the great performances in cinema history as Mabel, the woman of the film’s title, a ravaged, vulnerable, and mercurial housewife and mother. Peter Falk also gives a heart-rending performance as her loving yet helpless husband, as do Cassavetes’s mother Katherine as the domineering Mama Longhetti, and the children who round out the astounding ensemble cast. “An awfully tough film,” Cassavetes would later remark, “enormously funny and enormously painful.”

Organized by Joshua Siegel, Associate Curator; Anne Morra, Assistant Curator; and Katie Trainor, Film Collections Manager, Department of Film.