Brice Marden. Study for the Muses (Hydra Version). 1991–95/1997. Oil on linen, 83 × 135″ (210.8 × 342.9 cm). Private Collection. © 2006 Brice Marden/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
  • Floor 3, Drawings Galleries
  • Floor 6, Special Exhibitions Gallery South

This retrospective of the artist Brice Marden is an unprecedented gathering of his work, with more than fifty paintings and an equal number of drawings, organized chronologically, drawn from all phases of the artist's career. Two new large-scale paintings exhibited for the first time are included. The gradual, deliberate evolution of the artist's work becomes evident, as well as the constant exploration of light, color, and surface at every turn. The work of the first twenty years, characterized by luminous monochrome panels, which first won the artist acclaim, is now seen in balance with the celebrated work of the past twenty years. In the mid-1980s Marden shifted to calligraphic gestures embedded in shimmering grounds before moving to heightened color in the past decade. An installation of drawings is installed in the Paul J. Sachs Drawings Galleries on the third floor. A major publication accompanies the exhibition.

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Plane Image: A Brice Marden Retrospective
Hardcover, 330 pages
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Organized by Gary Garrels, Senior Curator, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

The exhibition is sponsored by Lehman Brothers. Major support is also provided by the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund.

Additional generous funding is provided by The Henry Luce Foundation and Jerry and Emily Spiegel.