Jean (Hans) Arp. Mustache Hat, from 7 Arpaden. 1923. One from a portfolio of seven lithographs, sheet: 17 3/4 × 13 3/4″ (45.1 × 34.9 cm). Publisher: Merzverlag (Kurt Schwitters), Hannover, Germany. Printer: unknown. Edition: 50. Gift of J. B. Neumann. © 2005 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-kunst, Bonn
  • Floor 2, Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries

Selected to complement Focus: Elizabeth Murray, this installation of prints relates to Murray’s signature depictions of everyday objects in an abstract style. These works straddle the line between representation and abstraction, revealing how ordinary objects often serve as a point of departure for an artist’s abstract vision, or, alternatively, how an artist’s abstract forms may subtly suggest recognizable elements. Examples range from the Cubist distortions of Pablo Picasso and Robert Delaunay to the formal reductions of Hans (Jean) Arp and Joan Miró. Also featured are prints by some of Murray’s peers, including Carroll Dunham.