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1979. Austria. Directed by VALIE EXPORT. With Renée Felden, Maria Martina, Hannes Fitz, Ika Frolik, Christian Ghera, Peter Janisch, Elly Naschold, Eva Petra. In Menschenfrauen, EXPORT addresses the sociopsychological conditions of women and the clash of changing gender identities in contemporary society through the story of journalist Franz S., who is dating four women at once, following a tightly clocked schedule. Little by little the women catch wind of Franz’s game. In German; English subtitles. 100 min.

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1969. Austria. Directed by VALIE EXPORT. One of Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT’s most iconic street actions and a key feminist performance, enacted in 10 European cities between 1968 and 1971. The artist, wearing a miniature movie theater around her naked upper body, invited passersby to reach through the curtained front of the “theater” to discover its content. The work provoked an uproar in the Austrian news media, which EXPORT laconically described as “a great campaign against me.” In German; English subtitles. 1 min.

Ein perfektes Paar oder die Unzucht wechselt ihre Haut (A Perfect Couple or Fornication Changes Its Skin)
1986. Austria. Directed by VALIE EXPORT. With Silvia Eiblmayr, Elfriede Jelinek, Alfred Neugebauer, Susanne Widl. A bodybuilder seduces a fashionable woman at a bar saying, “Your eyes are the most beautiful blue ad-space. Your cheek could promote a Mercedes.” EXPORT illustrates contemporary advertising’s inescapable regime and economy’s role in dictating new social codes and ideals for the male and female body. In German; English subtitles. 14 min.

This film accompanies Christoph Schlingensief.